About Us

Who We Are

We are a Rhode Island based company that Provides IT Solutions exclusively to the public sector. Incorporated in 1987,  City State Computer Services, Inc. (CSCS, Inc.) is more than just a computer company. We are a group of professionals with a vision - to provide first class services, at a fair price, with dedication to customer satisfaction. We have a staff of information technology specialists who can address any facet of the public data processing environment. As a company, we have performed comprehensive feasibility studies. We have evaluated hardware platforms, applications software, and State and Municipal Department functions and objectives. We have developed detailed systems requirements documents outlining all aspects of full migrations to new open systems platforms. We have converted existing data files to new database management systems and have installed and implemented fully functional, on-line, interactive, fully integrated operational systems. We have programmed unique mainframe, client/server and hand-held computer applications. We also have certified professional network and operating systems experts who have installed, trained and supported PC and Client/Server platforms in State and Municipal environments.

The public sector is undergoing a vast transformation in its information systems needs, and we are right in the middle of the action. Windows based systems, relational databases, PCs, and client/server technology are the focus of demand. As a result, we are doing a lot of consulting in environments that include GUI’s, object-oriented programming, and relational databases, in addition, to our traditional technologies on all platforms.

City State Computer Services, Inc. has been awarded to The State of Rhode Island's Master Price Agreement - 230 (MPA-230), which makes the process of hiring supplemental Information Technology services affordable and easier for state agencies within Rhode Island. As a pre-qualified vendor listed on the MPA-230, state agencies can employ our services without having to utilize the standard request for proposal (RFP) process. .

Our Goal

Here at CSCS our goal is to assist all levels of the government in their efforts to provide quality service to the public. By applying today’s technology, sound management techniques and cost effective strategies, we can guarantee results. We are successful because we only work in the public sector. We know how to implement change without creating disruption in services because we understand the “business” of government. We believe that total customer satisfaction using today’s technology we can provide complete and definitive IT solutions for you.

Our Partner

CSCS and Temple Inc. have combined our resources to enable us to provide a complete ERP IT software and related services solution, designed specifically for municipal government. The Temple Consulting Group and its leading edge product, MAIS software, is a best in class ERP solution combining the collective requirements and experiences of the local government through out North America.

MAIS is stable, robust, Microsoft certified and very user friendly, designed exclusively for Municipalities. MAIS is a total solution, fully integrated system with numerous cost benefits to the user and pricing advantages over competitor products.

As of 2009, Temple Consulting Group has an impressive 36% penetration in the British Columbia’s market with clients across North America, including Alberta, Ontario, and Newfoundland in Canada, and, California, New Hampshire, Florida, North Carolina, Georgia and Arizona in the United States.